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There are lots of great ideas for mobile and web startups that never go anywhere because of a lack of funding. Often these ideas don't get funded because many investors want to see a prototype before getting involved or just don't understand tech. Good thing for you is building tech startups is our background and we know more about what goes into design, development and launch that you do more than likely! So, tell us your idea. If we like it, we'll design, develop, launch and help grow it just for equity.

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$29/ per submission
250 Accepted Per Month
Potential To Be Built For Equity
3 Get Formal Pitch Deck
Notified About Interest
Potentially Pitch Idea
50% Max Equity
Serious Pitch
$249/ per submission
Max of 50 Accepted Per Month
Submission Fee Refunded If Selected
Guaranteed Phone Call
Guaranteed Pitch Opportunity
Consultation With Team
Potential To Be Built For Equity
Let's Talk
$99/ per submission
150 Accepted Per Month
45 Minutes To Pitch
Chance To Pitch Within 7 Days
Answer Within 7 Days
Max Equity of 50%
Potential To Be Built For Equity


Tell us how many projects you have and we'll let you know which plan would best fit your needs.